President Trump›s media discourse in the US election Study in electronic news sites - CNN ARABIC Model


  • Dr. Layth Bader Youssef University of Baghdad College of Mass Communication



President Trump›s’ media discourse’ US election’ discourse


The letter is defined as a message directed by the sender to another party, the future. The aim is to convey, clarify or explain a particular point or subject, and in the form of direct oral communication through speech that contains a set of words and words, The future can discuss the sender directly to exchange ideas with each other, or it may be written and in this case does not require direct interaction between the matchmaker and the recipient. As a result of the different sources and topics of the discourse, and the different types of categories addressed to the speech, and the number, it has been divided into several types.
And schools of discourse analysis emerged in the early eighties of the last century and has spread and has become a presence and impact in the Arab studies and foreign studies, but there is a lack of agreement between these schools on the concept of media discourse and its components, regardless of these differences, it must be recognized that media discourse practice Social change and is always subject to change and development.
The study sought to identify the media discourse of US President Donald Trump through the electronic news sites represented by CNN Arabic model and focus on Trump›s speech during his campaign and after winning the presidency and beat the rival Hillary Clinton.
Many Arab news websites have appeared on the Internet, such as Al Jazeera Net, CNN Arabic, Bab net and Arab Technical Portal.
CNN Arabic is an Arabic news site for CNN that was established on 19 January 2002. The site is intended to provide international news from an Arab perspective and is updated around the clock by developments in international events. The Agency›s headquarters are located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
The site includes various sections covering international news, Middle East news, economy, science and technology, sports and miscellaneous, as well as video reports and special files. The site also conducts interviews with sports figures in the Arab world and publishes daily reports on the financial markets in the Arab countries. There are also occasional public opinion surveys on hot political topics.
The research problem focused on the ambiguity in Trump›s media discourse on Muslim and Arab countries in general, his speech on Iraq in particular, and his improbable decisions to control US policies and to crack down on Islam and Muslims.


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