Every manuscript submission should be accompanied by a cover letter. During the submission process, you have the option to either type the cover letter directly into the submission system, paste it as text, or attach it as a separate file.

The cover letter should include the following elements:

  • An introductory paragraph explaining the suitability of your manuscript to ABAA Journal. Clearly indicate the specific application discussed in the work.
  • If your manuscript has been previously rejected by ABAA journal, please include the manuscript number of the rejected submission and provide a detailed response addressing each reviewer's comments. It is also important to obtain consent from the editor who handled the previous version.
  • A a statement confirming that the manuscript, or any portion of its content, has not been previously published and is not currently being considered for publication in another journal.
  • A description of any Supporting Information with the manuscript.
  • If the manuscript has been invited for submission, as part of a forum, special issue, conference, or as an individual work, it is important to explicitly state this. Please check the following link to get Template of Cover Letter