Aims, Focus and Scope


Journal of ALBAHITH ALALAMI is an international scholarly refereed research journal that aims to promote scientific, legal, and policy aspects of media and communication science. The objectives of ABAA are two-folds:

  1. to disseminate research articles for further research, reference, and teaching purposes by students, researchers, academics, and industrialists and
  2. to address the growing need of societies for professionals, journalists, and policymakers who can apply best management practices drawn from various inter-disciplines, which may create a sustainable future.


Submitted manuscripts in order to be considered for publication, must be based on empirical or qualitative methodologies and must be original.  We are particularly interested in research that makes a decisive and innovative contribution to the development of new methods of analysis, the application of theoretical models to empirical investigation, the discussion and application of heuristic concepts, the identification and analysis of emerging phenomena in the media field, while critically reflecting on the communicational and technological dynamics of contemporary society and launching new interpretations of media history.


Research and review papers from the communication sciences are accepted for submission with particular emphasis on media studies and journalism.  Issues of particular interest to ABAA journal include:

  • Media and social identities
  • Journalism
  • Radio and television press
  • Public relations
  • Democracy
  • Media history and transformation
  • Communication and journalism ethics
  • Media economics and politics
  • Modes and strategies of political and strategic communication
  • Information technologies and innovation in the media and journalism
  • New media forms of communication
  • Journalists as an interpretive community
  • Digital and transmedia literacy, and
  • Media pluralism and digital practice