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It also indicates the sources and types of intertextual images, the methodological and semiotic mechanisms for analyzing the intertextuality of news images used on the website of Alhurra satellite channel for the period from 1/6 - 30/8/2022, which included (94) images. The researcher analyzed (37) images with intertextual dimensions, excluding (57) images, which did not carry connotations connected with the inputs and objectives of the research.</p> <p style="direction: ltr;"><span style="font-size: 0.875rem;">The research reached the following results:</span></p> <p style="direction: ltr;"><span style="font-size: 0.875rem;">1- The website of Al Hurrah channel depends on the visual intertextuality in the topic of normal ization with Israel that is commensurate with its agendas.</span></p> <p style="direction: ltr;"><span style="font-size: 0.875rem;">2- The results also showed the multiplicity of methods of employing visual intertextuality in line with the objectives of the channel towards normalization with “Israel”, as it came in the forefront The synergy and simulation method, then the jamming and cutting style, the misrepresentation method, and finally the flipping or vice versa style.</span></p> Ayman Kamel Jawad Copyright (c) 2023 ALBAHITH ALALAMI Tue, 18 Apr 2023 00:00:00 +0000 The uses of social networking applications and websites in promoting the gulf stock markets <p style="direction: ltr;">The study aims to identify the uses and the impact of social networking applications and websites on stock markets and their role in defining the details of dealing with stock movement and trading. The study also aims to highlight the role of these networks by increasing confidence in stock markets and companies as well as encouraging and inciting young people to invest in these markets, the study belongs to the descriptive analytical approach, the study population consisted of all current and potential investors in the stock and financial markets in the United Arab Emirates. The study used a questionnaire that was distributed to a number of followers of social networking pages and websites that deal with trading in stocks and stock exchanges. Among the 100 obtained 64 correct answers were obtained for the analysis of the study sample. among the most important findings of the study are those that showed that females lead in terms of the number of people using social networking applications and websites in promoting the Gulf and global stock markets, as they came in the first place with a greater percentage than the number of males, which is a clear indication of the interest of females in the process of trading shares and promoting through social networking apps and websites.</p> Alaa Makki Abdul Hadi, Majid Saleh Almaeeni Copyright (c) 2023 ALBAHITH ALALAMI Tue, 18 Apr 2023 00:00:00 +0000 The Role of Public Relations in Promoting Tourism from the Public Relations officers’ Point of View in Palestinian Travel and Tourism Companies in Gaza <p style="direction: ltr;">The aim of the research is to identify the role of public relations in promoting tourism by the Palestinian tourism and travel companies in Gaza from the public relations officer’s point of view in those companies. <br />The researcher used the descriptive analytical method as the most appropriate for such studies and implemented the questionnaire as a tool to obtain the required data from the respondents.<br />The Researcher reached several conclusions:<br />1- There is a low percentage of women working in the field of public relations in Palestinian tourism establishments in the Gaza Strip, where the percentage did not exceed 5%.<br />2- The interpersonal communication counted as one of the elements of integrated marketing communication for public relations, according to 92% of the study sample.<br />The researcher suggested several recommendations, including:<br />1- The need to give Palestinian tourism and travel companies greater attention to public relations services and departments and expand their powers.<br />2- The need to develop the competencies of tourism public relations workers through qualification and holding ongoing training courses on the optimal promotion of tourism</p> Ahmed Ibrahim Hammad Copyright (c) 2023 ALBAHITH ALALAMI Tue, 18 Apr 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Marginalization strategies in Iraqi newspapers' coverage of the October 2019 protests “Paradigm” Module <p style="direction: ltr;">This study aims to inspect the marginalization strategies implemented by Iraqi newspapers, with a focus on the daily newspaper (Al-Sabah) and its coverage of the October 2019 protests in Iraq, by employing the “Paradigm” Module. The research is descriptive the researcher implemented a descriptive-analytical survey method by using a non-probability sampling represented by (74) issues of Al-Sabah newspaper and used (content analysis form) as a tool to analyze (93) news content related to the October protests.<br />The Researcher reached several conclusions: <br />1- Al-Sabah newspaper mainly depends on “Economic Reforms” as a marginalization strategy in its news coverage of the October 2019 protests. <br />2- The newspaper focused mainly on the (official sources), ignoring protesters themselves, and limited its coverage to official sources, religious, and social figures. <br />3- Implementing the “conspiracy” strategy, consistent with the Iraqi government’s repeated arguments to marginalize the protests while promising to conduct investigations. <br />4- There are similarities between the “Paradigm” Module presented in this research and the Dardis, Frank E. “Paradigm” Module.</p> Halim Abdul Amir Khamash Copyright (c) 2023 ALBAHITH ALALAMI Tue, 18 Apr 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Media policy and its impact on the level of objectivity in the Iraqi media <p style="direction: ltr;">The research aims to reveal the impact of media policy in Iraqi media outlets on the level of objectivity in these outlets. A study from the communicators’ point of view where the researcher used a survey method on the communicators in media outlets to reveal the extent of media policies knowledge as well as the pressures exerted by this policy on communicators in media outlets. It also reveals the extent of their commitment to objectivity, neutrality in dealing with information and the way used to transfer it.<br />The research sample included (179) respondents from communicators in a range of Media outlets such as (Press, Radio, and Television), The researcher was careful with the diversity of the sample, and the targeted media outlets. The research found that the majority of respondents have knowledge of the media outlets’ policies and agree with them. It put pressure on them in terms of objectivity, since most of them were warned as a result of covering topics neutrally and objectively. Results also indicate that they alternatively use social media as a broader range of freedoms.</p> Majeed Abboud Fahad Al-Hasani Copyright (c) 2023 ALBAHITH ALALAMI Tue, 18 Apr 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Counter Psychological Warfare in the partisan press during the operations of Mosul liberation <p style="direction: ltr;">The research aims to monitor the methods of Counter psychological warfare in the Iraqi press during the operations to liberate Mosul from the control of the terrorist organization ISIS.The research used the survey method, and “Tareek Al Shaab” Newspaper as a research sample, chosen according to the systematic random sample.<br />The research reached the following results:<br />1- The Communicator’s relied on the contents of the counter-psychological warfare and its methods in the battle of “Qadimun Ya Naynawa” used in the newspaper. The methods used were labels assigning such as : inevitable victory, prodding and morale, consensus, breaking of opposition morale, stereotyping, demonization of the opponent, strength presentation, justification, emphasizing, distortion, emotionalization, and direct refusal. These methods came in varying proportions.<br />2- The analysis revealed the reliance of the counter psychological warfare on the method of emotional inducements in a large proportion, focusing on addressing the Iraqi people.</p> Omar Adil Rashid, Basim Waheed Johnny Copyright (c) 2023 ALBAHITH ALALAMI Tue, 18 Apr 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Public relations programs and its role to enhance the morale of employees in the Ministry of Transportation <p style="direction: ltr;">This research aims to learn about public relations programs and their role to enhance the morale of the State land Transport Company employees.The researcher relied on the survey method and use a questionnaire and scale tools to collect information from workers in the Department of Relations and Media and employees in all departments.<br />The research reached several conclusions, including: <br />1- Public relations seek to increase workers’ confidence in senior management and motivate them to improve their production, as well as their relentless endeavor to bring workers closer by following multiple and varied forms of communication with them.<br />2- The results of the study showed that there was a negative indication of the morale prevailing among the workers of the State land Transport Company.</p> Yamama Fahmi Abbas, Fatima Abdel Kazem Al-Rubaie Copyright (c) 2023 ALBAHITH ALALAMI Tue, 18 Apr 2023 00:00:00 +0000