About the Journal

The ALBAHITH ALALAMI (ABAA) Journal is a pioneering scholarly publication that provides an open platform for researchers and academics in the fields of media, communication science, and journalism studies. With a focus on exploring the impact of new media, communication technologies, and information representation in diverse formats, ABAA is committed to delivering exceptional service quality and user experiences. The journal aims to disseminate cutting-edge knowledge in advanced multimedia communications technology, placing special emphasis on interdisciplinary research.

First published in 2005 by the College of Mass Communication at the University of Baghdad, ABAA is released quarterly, with issues available in March, June, September, and December. The journal follows rigorous scientific review processes to ensure scholarly rigor and accuracy. It also adopts an open access policy, making all of its content freely accessible to readers.

ABAA Journal serves as a platform for publishing top-grade academic research and fostering insightful discussions that shed light on the social and political dynamics shaped by media and journalism in contemporary society. Through these reflections, the journal contributes to a deeper understanding and critical examination of the multifaceted aspects, historical periods, and impacts of communication phenomena. It serves as a catalyst for interdisciplinary dialogue, bridging diverse perspectives and approaches from disciplines such as history, sociology, law, economics, practices, and technologies. ABAA Journal is an invaluable resource, facilitating reflection and debate within the media and journalism community while delving into the unique intricacies of these fields.