Electronic Advertising on Social Media Platforms and Its Impact on Producer and Consumer Rights

A Survey Study of a Sample of Producers and Consumers


  • Mohammed Raffia Labid Department of Public Administration, College of Administration and Economics, University of Fallujah, Al Anbar, Iraq. https://orcid.org/0000-0002-0814-2084




Electronic advertising, Rights, Consumer, Producer, Social media platforms


The research aims to identify the nature of electronic advertising, the extent of the audience's interaction with electronic advertisements, and the legal cover provided by the law to protect the producer and consumer, as well as to measure the extent of citizens' trust in this cover. The research targeted a random sample of potential audience members, and two electronic questionnaires were distributed to the research sample through several electronic commercial websites that display electronic advertisements on their official pages on social media platforms. The first questionnaire targeted producers or advertisers on social media platforms with a total of (100) respondents, while the second questionnaire was directed at consumers who were exposed to electronic advertisements, whether they interacted with them and were influenced by them or not, with a total of (200) respondents. The research reached several results, including: Nearly two-thirds of the producers did not engage in electronic advertising and promoting their products through social media platforms, with most of them not having considered it or having no prior idea about electronic advertising on social media platforms. A significant percentage of producers used Facebook to display their electronic advertisements and promote their products, while none of them used YouTube. Most producers preferred video advertisements and advertisements presented by celebrities. A significant percentage of the advertising producers exceeded the total sample, and these producers excluded the existence of fraudulent activities by companies or individuals promoting advertisements through various social media platforms, and they believed that there was no legal cover protecting the consumer in case of fraud after purchasing from social media platforms.


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