The effects of Internet use on university’s students

“A Study on a Sample of Jordanian University’s students "


  • علاء مكي, أ.م.د Faculty of Communication / University of Sharjah
  • صالح أبو اصبع, أ.د Faculty of Communication / University of Sharjah



Internet, cognitive and scientific influences (cultural), negative influences. Websites.


The effects of Internet use on university’s students:The effects of Internet use on university’s students:“A Study on a Sample of Jordanian University’s students "This survey aims to identify the most important effects of Internet use on Jordanian public and private universities’ students by monitoring and analyzing a set of indicators that show the quality of the effects on specific fields such as  cultural, social, psychological, moral and political effects .To achieve these goals, the study attempts to answer the following questions:1.   What are the effects of Internet’s use on students?2. What is   the relationship between the effects and demographic variables such as  gender, age, family size and academic level and specialization.  The  population of our study is four public and private Jordanian universities. The questionnaire was distributed to  study population in various specialties in all colleges of the universities by using available sample  . The sample of the study was 891students . The males sample was(   55.22%) while the females sample was   (44.78%( The data were analyzed by using descriptive statistical and analytical statistical measures by using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). The study has discussed the types of the effects of the internet on our  samples in the following fields: cognitive and scientific influences, social and recreational influences, psychological effects, value effects, political influences, negative effects.It is clear that the "effect fields" of the Internet use  on university’s students have high internal consistency values.In the field of "negative effects" the stability values ranged between (0.782) and (0.883) , And for the field of "value effects" indicate appropriate stability values.The results showed that the mean field of the "effects of Internet use" for university’s students  was achieved to a medium extent. The mean of this field (2.01) was of relative importance (67.0). The level of all fields as a whole was average. The mathematical mean ranged from 1.90 to 2.23. In the first place was the   "cognitive and scientific influences" with a mean of (2.23) and a relative importance (74.33). The social and recreational influences ranked second with a mean of 2.06 and a relative importance of 68.67. Internet use is observed to be medium, with average   (1.94) relative importance (64.67), Finally, the "value effects" came with a mean (1.90) with relative importance (63.33).The results also indicate that "global electronic sites " are in the first rank electronic sites to be visited by the students , followed by "Arab sites" while "local sites" came in  last rank. It indicates that the majority of students have a particular site they visit frequently.


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مكي ع., & أبو اصبع ص. (2017). The effects of Internet use on university’s students: “A Study on a Sample of Jordanian University’s students ". ALBAHITH ALALAMI, 9(37), 151-186.

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